We use all the latest machinery and man-power and ways of service. Here are some of the many infrastructure specialties we have.

  • 2 heavy EOT cranes capable enough to handle, lift, load and unload materials up to 30 metric tons.
  • Heavy band-saw cutting machine which can cut rounds or squares of up to 1260 mm.
  • We possess all the latest machinery and equipments and have the potential to manufacture high quality products in any volume. Our spacious warehouse has the capacity to store large quantities of products.
  • In-house crane hook weighment scale of up to 20 metric tons which also provides print-out of weight and other details slip.
  • Efficient staff available round the clock to handle all situations.
  • Highly capable machine-staff/technicians efficient enough to cut materials at -0/0+ tolerance.
  • On demand and up to-date stock and stock-list management with serial numbering for easy and fast identification for the customers.
  • Spacious office to hold small and large meetings and discussions.